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Project Development


Our approach is collaboration-focused. We work closely with our clients and with organizations to identify all the areas of opportunity and evaluate the most cost-effective and time-saving solutions and strategies.

Our technology consultations involves in-depth technology expertise and strategic implementations. It is this technology expertise that enables the clients to harvest maximum benefit and enjoy the utmost return on investment.It is by considering all the requirements and aspects of the clients, that we give the industry's best technological solutions. To get a free quote, please email us at: glitterlabs@yahoo.com and let us know your requirements.

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CodeKaro got started to solve the problem of scarcity of good skilled programmers in the market. At CoreKaro, Our mission is to mentor and guide you in this learning process. We have designed the curriculum to be more hands on and project based so that you can gain real experience writing software. Our goal is to make a programmer out of you and prepare you for the job market.

CodeKaro provides accelerated software engineering classes for new graduates and professional developers/designers. Students once admitted must should undergo a rigorous bootcamp style traning program to be able to successfully complete the program. The program concludes with a demo day where the top group projects are judged by a panel of notable software engineering leaders.

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Consulting & IT Staffing

Glitter Labs has been dedicated to providing excellence in IT staffing services. Combined with our broad, in-depth understanding of technological services, Glitter Labs help organizations translate their strategic business initiatives into results focused on you and your business needs. Glitter Labs will assist you in the following staffing needs:

  1. Contract Staffing
  2. Contract-to-Hire Staffing
  3. Direct Hire Staffing
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