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Hyperlocal And E-commerce

Hyperlocal is the next frontier for e-commerce companies to bring massive scale and deliver goods instantly. While we see the rise of on-demand startups like Grofers, Peppertap and Jugnoo among others, e-commerce giants Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and Paytm see hyperlocal as the next avenue to accelerate scale. Hyper local refers to services rendered within a city/locality. It basically means targeting your customers within few meters to few kilometers radius from location of the business. Most of these are app based businesses which provide users customized information based on their location.

There are several additional benefits of hyperlocal solutions , for both end consumers and communities:

- They keep local businesses healthy and flourishing. Earlier there was a fear that kirana stores would be over-run by big retail, now kirana stores need not lag behind in the technology race!

- They reduce the cost and effort for small businesses to come online. A local business need not undertake to build an app, or re-engineer their processes to suit the e-commerce business. They simply need to enlist with one of more of the many hyperlocal businesses.

- They encourage local entrepreneurship and creativity as discovery by potential customers becomes easier and competition does not come from not daunting international/ national brands and chains, but other similarly sized local businesses.

- For service oriented businesses like repair and plumbing, it forces high quality standards and greater transparency in pricing as consumers can compare, evaluate and select the best.

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