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TownBlast is a local business network that connects local businesses and consumers by defining a new way of shopping for products from around any location. A TownBlast user shops for products from around his neighbourhood stores located in a 1 mile radius.

Using blasts, local business owners can blast store/ product content, ephemeral coupons & promotions, communicate via chat to geo-fenced consumers and track user engagement.

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A remote desktop service whereby a person is able to connect to and use a specific computer from a remote location as if they were sitting in front of it at the time.

It is a service which enables you to access your office computer or your home PC from any remote location in the world, enabling you to manage files, use available resources and generally do everything you'd be able to do if you were actually in front of your computer.

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It is now a necessity to be able to rapidly and easily deploy and evolve a platform where your apps will be running. In order to do this you need to manage your own compute resources in a given cloud and follow patterns using infrastructure as code.

TerraForm UI gives you a single view of your entire infrastructure by providing a common domain specific language for every cloud while using the specific APIs underneath.

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Social News and Sentiment Analysis Web Application.

Follow your celebrities and idols online. Ideal for online news papers, bloggers or online media journalist.

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