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Big Data & Realtime Streaming Analytics

Forrester defines streaming analytics as, "Software that can filter, aggregate, enrich, and analyze a high throughput of data from multiple, disparate live data sources and in any data format to identify simple and complex patterns to provide applications with context to detect opportune situations, automate immediate actions, and dynamically adapt."

Streaming analytics, also called event stream processing, is the analysis of large, in-motion data called event streams. These streams comprise events that occur as the result of an action or set of actions, such as a financial transaction, equipment failure, or some other trigger. These triggers can be very granular, such as something that happens within a system at a point in time—a click, a sensor reading, a tweet or some other measurable activity. The growing number of connected devices—the Internet of Things will exponentially increase the volume of events that surround business activity. The more data your business generates, the greater your potential benefits from streaming analytics.

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