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About Glitter Technology Ventures

Glitter Technology Ventures [Glitterlabs] is a technology startup incubator research lab developing disruptive product solutions. We work on solving problems in areas like location based services, augmented reality, machine learning, consumer mobile, wearables, internet of things and data analysis.

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Who We Are..?

Glitterlabs is a technology incubator research lab and solutions provider. With offices located at both Silicon Valley, USA and Nagpur INDIA, we are focused on creating products for the global markets. This is an exciting opportunity to join a very early stage startup to work on cutting edge technogies like location based services, augmented reality, wearables, scalable consumer mobile applications, internet of things and data analysis.

The next wave of technology evolution will come in the form of Internet of things as more and more devices gets connected to the internet from various locations which will results into an exponential surge in the information exchange. As per Gartner, “The Internet of Things is the network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with their internal states or the external environment.“

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